Why do i always end up in the same nether world!!! (minecraft)?

Answer I've had that problem before, although i did just delete my minecraft.jar file and download it again. That's probably the best choice you have. Make sure you just move the .jar file and not delete ... Read More »

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How to Make a Portal to the Nether in Minecraft?

The nether was a update released on halloween. The nether has an elabrote system of mobs, new blocks, and lots of lava and fire.

Why does minecraft crash when loading a world?

1. Delete .minecraft folder in appdata (go to start -> run, type in %appdata%)2. Uninstall ALL editions of java you have installed3. Restart PC4. Download latest java5. Install6. Restart PC7. Downl... Read More »

Are pregnancy symptoms always the same?

Answer No, they are not always the same. Even for the same person. With my son, I did not start seeing any symptoms, besides a missed period until I was over two months along, and then I only had t... Read More »

I got a minecraft server bukkit and can i add more maps onto my current world?

If anyone is looking for a really kickass minecraft server check out this one!