Why do hundreds of thousands of people die each year...?

Answer Excellent questionaccording to the Journal of the American Medical Association, quoted in a Time Magazine not long past:over 100,000 die in hospitals each year from medication errorsanother 100,00... Read More »

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Why is the US friendly with Japan after they killed hundreds and thousands of people?

Answer War & peace is an amazing thing. I think we all learned something from WWII. After the Atom Bomb was dropped it was such a horrific scene (even to the pilot, etc., that dropped the bomb f... Read More »

What are we up to on the am I pregnant count these days Is it still saying we have lost hundreds of thousands?

Hang on. Lemme check.It's at 526618 now, over 1 million off. The last official check was around 1.6 million. This is a travesty.

How is it possible that videos can get hundreds of thousands of views when it was only posted 3 days ago?

I have several guesses on this one:- the channel has over 10,000 subscribers- the channel is a YouTube affiliate with an established website that has high traffic (go to the "links" to see how many... Read More »

Why don't people adopt instead of spending thousands of dollars on IVF?

Both are thousands of dollars and it's a personal choice. Neither answer is wrong.