Why do hummingbird feeders leak?

Answer A leaking hummingbird feeder not only wastes sugar-laden food, but the dripping nectar also attracts ants, bees and wasps. Understanding why feeders leak is the key to discovering how to keep them ... Read More »

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Where do you hang bird houses, feeders, and hummingbird feeders?

My husband put a 12 foot tall wooden square post in ground with cement. I have made this my bird feeding station. On top I have barn like bird feeder with suet cages on each side of the feeder ( go... Read More »

Do finches eat out of hummingbird feeders?

Finches do eat out of hummingbird feeders. The sugar water mixture commonly used in hummingbird feeders attracts varieties of house finches. You can keep them off hummingbird feeders by removing th... Read More »

Do bees feed on hummingbird feeders?

A number of insects, including bees, wasps and ants, are attracted to hummingbird feeders. When nectar-producing flowers are scarce, honeybees will readily feed on the sugar water solution in hummi... Read More »

How much sugar do you put in hummingbird feeders?

On One Hand: Just Use 1/4 Cup Of SugarAccording to, most hummingbird feeders hold about 1 cup of hummingbird food. To make this quantity of food, add 1/4 cup of white granula... Read More »