Why do humans need human touch?

Answer Sensory stimulation through human touch is the first form of communication we receive. It is no wonder that touch is vital to emotional and psychological health and development.CommunicationA simpl... Read More »

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How is it that some phone touch screens only respond to human touch?

Well, some touch screens are pressure sensitive, but the ones you're talking about are heat sensitive. They only react when touched by a temperature above "xx" degrees.

What episode of Babylon 5 follows the human race to the point where the sun goes nova and humans leave this solar system?

The Effects of Touch on Human Relationships?

In a world where technology and distractions can often distance people from their loved ones, physical contact and affection have become elusive but very important elements in relationships. Scient... Read More »

Who wrote the song Human Touch?

Rock artist Rick Springfield wrote and sang the song "Human Touch." The song was featured on his album, "Living in Oz," which was originally released in 1983. "Living in Oz" was Springfield's third... Read More »