Why do humans have two ears?

Answer The creatures from which humans evolved developed two ears, one on each side of the head. There are distinct evolutionary advantages to having two ears, and these advantages contribute to the survi... Read More »

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Can humans get parasites in their ears?

On One Hand: Animal ParasitesHumans don't typically get parasites in their ears, but animals infected with mites sometimes transfer the parasites to humans, according to BirdMites.Org. Bird mites, ... Read More »

Top of my ears and behind the ears get hot, sting and itch - why -see more info below?

I have the itchiness and sometimes the soreness. My condition is Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. You need to ask your doctor.

I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

Learn to type.No one cares or has sympathy if you're inflicting this upon yourself.Take them out or man up.

Do humans have a third eye?

In humans, the third eye refers to the pineal gland, an organ located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. It has been termed the third eye due to beliefs that it is a key in the... Read More »