What is the best position to sleep in Is there a "correct" way we as humans should sleep?

Answer Its best to lie on your left side. your right lung has three lobes, the left one only has two. When you lay on your left side it allows the lobes on the right to fully expand.

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Why can't I sleep I am on medication to help me sleep but just can't seem to sleep. I am scheduled to have?

Gosh another surgery Fish? You just have some anxiety about it. Understandable, but everything will be fine. here are some ways to help make sleep come a bit easier. I have to take Melatonin at nig... Read More »

I have always loved sleep. i can sleep through my alarm, ect. Is there something wrong?

Oversleeping is as unhealthy as under-sleeping. At the risk of sounding "shrinkish," sleep is sometimes used as a defense mechanism or to escape from unhappiness or something unpleasant. You mentio... Read More »

Is it Better to Have Two, Four Hour Sleep Cycles Than One Eight Hour Sleep Cycle?

A principal scientist conducts qualitative and quantitative research to improve existing products, enhance scientific processes or discover new products. The scientist may work for a research insti... Read More »

Is it better to have two 4-hour sleep cycles than one 8-hour sleep cycle?

On One Hand: Biphasic Sleep Demonstrates AdvantagesIn 1996, the Center for the Study of Sleep and Waking at State University of New York, Stony Brook, conducted a study on a form of biphasic or bim... Read More »