How to Have Beautiful Fingernails?

Answer Do you hide your hands so no one will see your chipped and unflattering fingernails? There is an easy way to change those same fingernails into beautiful nails you will want everyone to see! ... Read More »

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Why Have My Fingernails Started Peeling?

The condition of a person's fingernails can provide valuable information about her health and lifestyle habits. Peeling fingernails are a concern for many people. In most cases, peeling fingernails... Read More »

Should males have long fingernails?

Do babies have fingernails when they are being born?

In brief, yes they do.yes, as a mater of fact they do have fingernails when they are born

Why do humans have two ears?

The creatures from which humans evolved developed two ears, one on each side of the head. There are distinct evolutionary advantages to having two ears, and these advantages contribute to the survi... Read More »