Why do house cats fight?

Answer If your house cats spend a great of their time together chasing, biting, even hissing, it may seem that your house has become a boxing ring rather than a home. Addressing the reasons house cats fi... Read More »

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Do cats actually "spray" in the corners of the house They are all fixed. But my mom insists that my cats?

Male cats spray even when they are fixed. With that many cats they may feel the need to mark their territory. I had 3 cats and my oldest was a male, wasn't bothered when I brought home a female. 2 ... Read More »

Why do cats play fight?

If it seems that your cats spend most of their time locked in mortal combat, don't fret--the "fighting" that we as humans perceive is more often play for cats.HunterCats are natural born hunters. W... Read More »

Why do cats pee in the house?

Cats can be very fussy about their litter boxes. If the location, the box itself and the filler aren't just right, the cat might decide it's easier and more pleasant to urinate elsewhere in the hou... Read More »

Are house plants bad for cats?

On One Hand: Toxic PlantsThe Cat Fanciers' Association has published a list of over 200 plants that are poisonous for cats. In some cases, just a certain part of houseplants, like the leaves, bark,... Read More »