Why do hotels have very good restaurants in them?

Answer The very best wish to retain their clientele and to bring in new ones.Having a truly decent restaurant on site , means they can charge sky high prices as well as provide that luxury ( a great place... Read More »

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Washing very dirty walls. They have smoke residue on them from the fireplace. I need something very strong?

All you need is Shark steam cleaner. very safe very reliable and very fun. it will only cost you a few bucks out of your pocket. so buy the shark steam cleaner!

Do any of the restaurants, hotels or tourist sites in Switzerland have any French names?

Western Switzerland is French-speaking, so yes.Check online travel guides for Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux for examples.

What to do when I have all these restaurants gift cards but can't use them?

I have some very fine roots growing in my flower beds. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?

Roto till it. My Mantis will till and chop roots up to 1/2" diameter. she doesn't really like those big ones too much, but gives them hades. Great organic matter stays in your garden.Dig them ou... Read More »