Why do horses get colic?

Answer Colic, defined simply as abdominal pain, is a common cause of death in horses because there are so many variables that induce the condition. Anything from sand in the stomach, worms, improper care ... Read More »

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How to Cure Colic in Horses and Ponies?

If you go into the stable and find your horse rolling repeatedly, kicking or pawing at his belly, or not eating, he could be colicing. Similar to a stomachache in humans, colic is dangerous for hor... Read More »

Are Friesian horses prone to colic?

Friesian horses are a much more gassy horse breed, making them more prone to colic along with other intestinal and stomach issues. They are particularly prone to tortion colic, but the risk of coli... Read More »

Miniature Horses & Colic Surgery?

Colic can be a very painful, serious condition in horses. While sometimes this abdominal pain is mild and easily treated, other times it can be life-threatening or deadly. Miniature horses have the... Read More »

How to Collect Breyer Horses or Other Model Horses?

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