Do ovens have magnets in them?

Answer yes

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Do microwaves have magnets in them?

Microwave ovens have magnets inside which are part of the magnetron, a high-voltage vacuum tube that is responsible for the conversion of electrical energy into the microwave energy that heats and ... Read More »

Does a Dishwasher have magnets in them?

Similar to table salt (NaCl), but purer: no iodine additions.Good info at

How can you mkae it so that when you have headphones in your laptop that all your programs producing sound go thru your headphones instead some of them going thru your laptops speakers and headphones?

How do you use headphones that have a mic in them?

Headsets which come with a microphone attached will normally come with two input jacks: a green jack and a cream-coloured jack. The green jack should be inserted into the corresponding jack input, ... Read More »