Why do hamsters bite cages?

Answer The many breeds of hamsters all have personality quirks that make them the ideal pet for a lot of people. These animals often have behavior that may seem baffling for owners, such as gnawing on cag... Read More »

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How to Choose Good Cages for Hamsters?

dwarf hamster cageIf you are getting a hamster, or have a hamster, here is how to choose and make sure their cage is a good one. Read on.Please bear in mind that a lot of cages sold in pet shops ar... Read More »

How to Modify Rotastak Cages for Dwarf Hamsters?

The CageDo you ever get annoyed that your amazing Rotastak cage is useless because your dwarf hamsters are too small to climb the tubing? If so, try this out. It's cheaper and better than using lad... Read More »

Do hamsters bite a lot?

Hamsters do not typically bite a lot, but they will if they have good reason. Some reasons a hamster may bite are improper handling, waking from a deep sleep unexpectedly or smelling food on a pers... Read More »

Why Do Hamsters Bite the Cage?

If you have ever owned a hamster, there's a good probability that you've heard the sound of teeth gnashing against metal bars. You might worry that your hamster will get out of its cage. Perhaps yo... Read More »