Why do hackers want to try to break into computer systems?

Answer I can't believe nobody here is a hacker or has a clue on what a real hacker are a few reasons why hackers hack1) Some hackers just pick up random ipaddress and hack for the fun o... Read More »

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Why do hackers infect computer systems?

So the hackee will have less power to fight the hacker.

Im a dj and want to expand into photography and video. I want to do it all with one computer. So PC or Mac?

One answer says it all. You get more bang-for-the-buck with a Mac when it comes to desktop publishing, photo, movie and audio production. As one answer said, there is a reason why the software work... Read More »

I want to break a bone, for the experience but i don't know which to break or how to break it, any ideas?

Why do people want to be be hackers?

I hate hackers! Sorry hate is strong word.