If women can wear boxers, then why can't men wear thongs?

Answer they can if they want...i dont imagine it would be too comfortable though

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Are boxers no longer popular with teen guys?

I noticed more guys wear boxer briefs than boxers. Briefs just look better if you are a healthy male.

GIRLS: do you mind it when a guys boxers are showing?

wear them on your head and then everybody can see them. That looks stupid and this question is asked way too many times every day. Have some pride in the way you look !

Girls: do you like guys with boxers or briefs?

I'd have to say boxers. but I think you already knew that :]

How to Wear Boxers?

Boxers are the coolest male underwear out there. Wear them to be cool. Boxers will seperate you from the nerds. If you don't want to be ridiculed in high school, make friends and not get wedgies fr... Read More »