Guys only:Do you like girls with, without, or a little makeup?

Answer No MAKEUP !!!!

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Who Looks More Attractive ""African Guys Or American Guys""(Only Girls)?

depends. its not about skin color, there are hot white and african guys

Ok question for the guys rlly important. (GUYS ONLY, NO GIRLS!!)?

I just wanted to say this is a very interesting question that I would too like the answer. I'm gonna star you...hope you get some great answers

**for guys** do girls have to be pretty?

1. no not at all!2. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!3. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!4. yea, but i do not like a lot of make up5. no, I like little or no makeup-- but i love black eyeliner ever... Read More »

Do guys talk differently to pretty girls?

If you are looking at a boy you find unattractive, would you be as friendly and open? Of course not. If you are, they might think you are interested in them. Further, if you find someone or some... Read More »