Which guys from The Wanted have girlfriends and what are their girlfriend's names?

Answer Tom Parker has a girlfriend. And his girlfriend's name is Kelsey Hardwick. and the other member named Siva Kaneswaran has a girlfriend called Nareesha McCaffrey. the rest are single. x

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Why was there a series finale for girlfriends?

Because Every series has to end eventually that's just like you saying why did they end Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek the Origianl Series. ... Read More »

Can a female adopt her girlfriends child even if there is no father involved?

Only if that child has no other biological, blood relatives living at all. And only if that female friend is the God mother of that child, then yes. Other wise, no.

I have slept behind my girlfriends back with someone and there haveing a baby what should i do?

I don't date guys who masturbate. How many guys out there do NOT masturbate?

We all masturbate, unless we're dead. Sometimes even then.