How to Make Sure Your Girlfriend Won't Cheat?

Answer Have you ever worried that you aren't enough for you're girlfriend? Maybe you worry that she is looking for someone else.Well don't worry anymore because by following these steps you can almost gua... Read More »

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Why do some men want to prove that their wife or girlfriend is superior to their sister or sisters?

because they might want to marry their girlfriend and i would say to make men's sister feel jealous

How many other people are tired of seeing guys with their pants sagging to their knees?

I am tired of it as well but it is funny when you see someone wearing shorts like you described take off running only to go maybe 30 feet and his shorts fall down around his ankles tripping him cau... Read More »

What Guys Like in a Girlfriend?

When a young man decides to make that special woman a girlfriend, there are certain attributes that make her especially appealing to him. Every man is different, but there are many similarities as ... Read More »

Guys, what is your ideal girlfriend?

Personality traits:IntelligentCaringNot easily jealous or too obsessive/clingyKnows what she wants in lifeHas common sense when it comes to judgementEasy to get along withHave a lot in common on th... Read More »