Why do grocery stores in Idaho sell potatoes from Washington?

Answer Cuz all things Washingtonian are awesome and taste good!

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What happens to the expired food in grocery stores if they don't sell?

Yep they throw it away way too often. Sometimes they freeze it before the expiration date and sell it at a reduced price. Sometimes they sell or give it to farmers with livestock that will eat it... Read More »

Are there any grocery stores in holland michigan that sell whole long island duck?

Your chances are slim to none that someone from Holland, MI will see this, and even less that if someone from Holland, MI sees this... that they would know. Your best bet would be to look up all th... Read More »

Can you grow potatoes that you get at the grocery store?

If you cut the potato into quarters and suspend it in a glass of water by sticking a toothpick in either side until it gets a good root system on it. Then transplant it into a pot with potting soi... Read More »

What grocery stores are in san diego?

Pretty much all of the National Stores, plus quite a few local and ethnic ones. Here is the list.…