Why do governments use barcodes?

Answer Barcodes are used for a large number of different activities in today's world. The government uses barcodes for everything from telecommunications to the aerospace industry to the transportation of... Read More »

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Who created barcodes?

Drexel Institute of Technology graduate student Bernard Silver first worked on the modern barcode in 1948 and later filed a patent for it along with Norman Joseph Woodland in 1949. The patent was f... Read More »

How to Use Barcodes for Inventory?

A barcode system helps keep a business inventory system organized and running smoothly. Barcode systems also help business owners track products sold and at what prices they are being sold. Making ... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Barcodes?

Barcodes are graphic images featuring a series of lines or bars, of varying thickness, positioned parallel to each other in such a way that a scanner passed along the image will translate their thi... Read More »

How to Read 12 Digit UPC Barcodes?

Most bar codes in the US are 12-digit UPC (Universal Product Code) bar codes, with ten digits at the bottom of the code and one small number to each side. Impress your friends by asking them to sel... Read More »