Why do gophers have pouches?

Answer The animal that most people associate with the word "gopher" is the pocket gopher, so-called because of the furry pouch or "pocket" that lines his cheeks (ground squirrels are technically gophers t... Read More »

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Do fossas have pouches?

Fossas, found in the forests of Madagascar, are often described as the deadliest carnivores. According to the University of Michigan's Animal Diversity website, these animals appear cat-like, have ... Read More »

Do sugar gliders have pouches?

The sugar glider is a marsupial native to Australia. Marsupials have a marsupium, commonly known as a pouch. After an underdeveloped baby glider (called a joey) is born, it climbs into its mother's... Read More »

Do baby kangaroos have pouches?

Not all baby kangaroos possess pouches, or marsupiums; only female kangaroos are born with the particular anatomical structure. Upon reaching adulthood, female kangaroos use their pouches to give b... Read More »

Do all adult kangaroos have pouches?

Only female kangaroos are born with pouches, called marsupiums, which they use to house and nourish developing kangaroo babies, or joeys. Male adult kangaroos do not need or possess this female rep... Read More »