Why do goldfish change color in outdoor ponds?

Answer Goldfish change colors naturally during their growth and development. Yet not every color change is naturally occuring, as in pond fish as well as tank fish there can be other causes.IllnessIllness... Read More »

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Varieties of Goldfish Suitable for Outdoor Ponds?

Goldfish are ideal for outdoor ponds because they can live in poor-quality water. They are also adaptable to different water temperatures, ranging from 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Goldfish... Read More »

How do I clean goldfish ponds?

Remove the Fish and PlantsRemove any goldfish from the pond and place them in an indoor aquarium. Remove any plants such as water lilies, and place them in planter pots with some fertilizer.Drain t... Read More »

Do goldfish eat algae or plants in ponds?

Goldfish have good appetites and like to have a varied diet. They are not picky about what they eat in ponds. Goldfish will happily eat the plants and algae they find in ponds.References:The Goldfi... Read More »

Aquatic Plants for Outdoor Ponds?

Outdoor ponds provide a way to get the sound of running water into your yard, and they provide good opportunities for landscaping as well. You also can use them to bring some life into your space, ... Read More »