Why do glasses give me a headache Any kind of glasses/shades?

Answer Sorry I don't know this but the best way to get an answer for that would be going to an opticians and asking them as they are professionals

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Ever get a headache without your glasses?

No, l don't :o) It's a bit weird because my prescription is -2.75 and l tend to squint alot without my glasses, but hey, l rarely get headaches, just sometimes, somethings have to trigger it :o) xx... Read More »

Do you get a headache if you don't wear your glasses?

i don't really know my prescription, but i know i get a hell of a headache if i don't wear my glasses.

Got new glasses today - is it normal to get a headache?

As for the floor dipping and the room bending in towards the center, that can be normal. Wear your glasses as often as possible for about a week. If, after a week, you are still having problems, go... Read More »

How many glasses of vodka does it take to stop a headache ?

LOL... not the wisest move!Your headache is due to de-hydration. This means the blood takes fluid from other parts of the body including your spinal fluid. This in turn, reduces the pressure in t... Read More »