Why do girls wear tight clothes when excersizing?

Answer You have the perfect answer right in your question! Well that and society has dictated that we must appear a certain way so therefore woman must wear tight clothing for others to check out there h... Read More »

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Y do fat girls wear tight clothes?

Has anyone noticed the world (especially USA(sorry) has become Obese. Obesity is at epidemic portions and people keep on Super Size It! I just don't get it> Does anyone ????

Why do fat people wear clothes that are too tight?

those may be a little disturbing mentally to wear for themselves

A question about plump girls and tight clothes?

the main reason for which girls like those do these things is because thay can't develop a personal style and don't have the imagination and knowledge to put up a look. They just blindly follow wha... Read More »

Girls only, how do you stop the camel toe when you wear tight trousers any ideas?

Wear a mini pad in your pants. A friend does this!