Why do girls wear bras?

Answer to support and hold their boobs:)

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Do girls NEED to wear bras?

Hey, short answer is no. :)Bras do absolutely nothing to prevent sagging - in fact the opposite is true. Breasts are supported by ligaments which, like any ligaments in the body, tend to atrophy ... Read More »

I'm 13 and i do not wear bras. help?

Training bras are usually in a size A because that's the smallest size & the size most women grow into when their boobs start to grow for the first time. You can try on bras at the store so do it! ... Read More »

Where do most girls buy there bras?

i wear victorias secret pink bras... they're cheaper than the normal victorias secret and the straps can be criss crossed and they have a good amount of pushup (not too much) and the colors are goo... Read More »

How many women actually wear bras?

me, who doesnt you could like see through your shirt, ew