Why do girls want to have a baby at such a young age?

Answer Because they don't know how to use birth control properly, or they forget it at the time... It's not "so many" though, it's a very small % of teenage girls (something like 2% under 18) and it's be... Read More »

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What should you do if you're 19 and pregnant and both you and the father want the baby but you have no jobs yet and your family thinks you are too young and can't do it?

At age 19, you are nearly an adult and can certainly make your own choices. The odds of you and the father continuing with a lifelong committed relationship aren't very good at that age, but of cou... Read More »

What do you do if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you and now that he's talked about it you want to have the baby too but you want your parents to be supportive but you know they won't be?

Answer This is a decision you have to make for yourself. Remember, you're the woman and you're gonna have to be extremely responsible. Your parents should be left out of the equation here. Tell ... Read More »

Is 16 too young to have a baby will people think bad of you if you've got at baby at 16?

AnswerIt is very young but you can do it. You can apply for some type of financial assistance and go to university down the road. I was 26 with my first and only child and honestly there would of b... Read More »

How do you and your boyfriend tell his parents that you are having a baby in such a way as they will understand how much you want it?

AnswerYou two need to get your parents together and tell them at the same time. Like over dinner or something like that. They should know that you want to keep your child. Good luck and God Bless:)