Why do girls shave/wax/cut their pubic hair?

Answer To please horny men..

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What do girls want men's pubic hair to look like?

What do girls think of shaved pubic hair on a guy?

Personally, I find it a bit disturbing when a guy shaves all his pubic hair off. It reminds me per-pubescent boys which is bit strange when it comes to sexual activities if you can imagine. I think... Read More »

Do most girls shave their pubic hair?

most girls keep bare down there. haha. for sure. having pubes is unattractive and, frankly, it's itchy. get rid of 'em!

Do girls prefer men to shave their pubic hair?

It varies and usually once you have been with a partner a while you will get more comfortable with each other bodies and will not be afraid to do things or say things you want and experiment together.