Why do girls like pink?

Answer girls like the color pink because pink is a pretty color and it just makes girls feel pretty :)

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Do girls really like pink?

I don't really care for pink. I only wear it sometimes.

What do girls think about men in pink shirts?

Can't stand it. I wouldn't be seen dead in pink. It's poofy. A female mate of mine, who's very fashion conscious, says that pink is the new man's colour, and she's even managed to persuade her b/f,... Read More »

Why are some girls nipples pink?

Girls, When guys wear pink do you think it's hot or not?

Oh pish posh. A tight pink manly shirt would look fine on a guy with abs. And tight pink pants would look fine on a guy with an aass.It would depend on how much they are wearing, and what they ar... Read More »