Why do girls have it so unfair?

Answer I used to agree with you - being a girl really is hard, but being a boy in this society is hard too... they have so many expectations to live up to - just like women do... and they have to walk aro... Read More »

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Why is Wikipedia so unfair?

Lots of people have had similar experience. Most of the time its the blockee trying to constantly push some pov and they get blocked, but some admins are too heavy handed in cases and block the opp... Read More »

How to Dump a Friend Who Is Unfair to You?

Friends are not always the people they seem to be, even if it's friends online and friends at work. Sometimes they can treat you like dirt, which is wrong. How do we leave a friend who is unfair to... Read More »

How unfair is YouTube being?

It's been doing that for ages, ever since the weird regulations in the UK about limiting music to countries. It's stupid, if they can watch it, why can't we?!I even tried going on English songs and... Read More »

Cases of Unfair Labor Practices?

The National Labor Relations Act provides employees of private organizations the right to form, join and assist unions and have collective bargaining rights. Labor laws describe the regulations for... Read More »