Why do girls have have babies and boys don't?

Answer Girls have the eggs and the boys have the sperm. Girls are designed for it and boys aren't. Because that's the way we have evolved.

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How come boys say they prefer girls with the natural look, but the girls who cake it on get all the attention?

Keep in mind this is simply an opinion, and it is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. You asked!Because the girls who cake it on are more likely to date scumbags.The scumbags know this.The girls w... Read More »

What is the name of the movie where a gang of young boys kidnap tourist girls from Paris. They take them to either Mexico or some Arab country. One of the girls father was an Ex CIA etc who recovers?

I think all boys should be circumcised, dont you?

What's funny is that some people think you're serious! LMAO at their reasons for agreeing

How come in Doctor Who Captain Jack fancies both boys and girls but then in Torchwood he only fancies some boys?