Why do girls have bigger hips than guys?

Answer Because men don't need to bear children. Hips are cool :D

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Why do girls have bigger thighs than guys?

I think guys are able to make muscle quicker and women need that mid-section with more fat for bearing children.

How to get curves - wider hips n bigger bum n bigger boobs?

A woman of any build can be feminine. If you want more curves, work on your muscle tone and make sure you eat well - both amount and health wise. Look after your health and you will be the build th... Read More »

Will my hips get bigger?

You're already a good size. But if you want bigger hips, do exercises that will push some of your weight to your hip area. *Note: 48 inch hips are rather wide, like waaay bigger than Beyonce's. I w... Read More »

My hips are bigger than my waist?

You have an hourglass body shape. That's the most desired, sought-after figure so, yay! My hips are 34 inches and I wear a size 2. Try out size 2,4,6 whatever fits you right. Don't go for the numbe... Read More »