Is it my first period or did I break my hymen GIRLS PLEASE?

Answer if it is brown they it is likely the start of your period, usually when you first start it is irregular and brown. keep monitoring yourself, if you start to feel ill or light headed talk to your m... Read More »

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Can a very young girls hymen be broken using a foreign object in a child abuse situation?

yesAnswer:Yes, hymens aren't as hard to brake as a lot fo people think, I originially broke mine from ballet, but it got worse through rape with a foreign object.

About the hymen, please...?

Please don't worry!Since you only rubbed your clitoris, and never inserted anything into your vagina, your hymen was not affected in any way. The blood may have been some leftover blood from your p... Read More »

How can you see hymen?

Very difficult to see your own hymen, because you have to look up into the vagina and use a light.

Concerning your hymen....?

It goes off like a bomb. A lot of guys don't make it back.