Girls up for a bathroom quizz.?

Answer hahaha....sure

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How to Decorate a Girls Bathroom?

When decorating your daughter's bathroom, choose a design that will take her from toddler to teenager. Choose a decor and color theme that reflects the girl's personality; consider her interests an... Read More »

What is a good color that I can paint my bathroom, it is a guest bathroom and I have already done white and I?

periwinkle is really pretty and with white it looks very calming and almost like a spa... plus its easy to mix other colors like pink and yellow!

How to Sneak Pads or Tampons Into the School Bathroom (or Any Bathroom)?

When you are on your period, carrying pads or tampons around can feel embarrassing. Keeping your time of the month hidden from other people can be tricky, but with these tips you can learn how to k... Read More »

Moving bathroom to the room behind the current bathroom?

no but you can use the same water pipe feeds make sure you can hook up your drain pipes