Why do girls always get everything bad?

Answer Being able to get pregnant is a good thing--men will never know what it is like to have a life grow inside them. And women live significantly longer than men do, too.

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Why do some girls always talk trash about models or pretty girls?

Obviously Jealously?People like that need to go play in traffic

Do girls always feel competitive around other girls?

Well, Unfortunately alot of girls/women today are insecure about themselves in one way or another. Its just the society we live in. We want to be viewed by others as - "just as pretty" or "just as ... Read More »

Women always spoil everything... and men don't think!?

That was cute!!! Thanks I needed to smile!

Why do mac fans always say they can run everything a windows because of boot camp?

Because... Here are the statistics... Apples, currently are a FAD...60% of people who have macs now... are simply doing so because their "cool." And they "Don't get viruses" However... You have to ... Read More »