Why do girls abort baby without knowing?

Answer Sometimes, women take medicines with kidney problems to hormone problems. At the end of some medicine commercials, they say, "Do not take medicine if you are pregent." The medicines have a chemical... Read More »

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Can You Abort a Baby at 6 Months?

In the United States, laws on abortion vary by state. There are eight states that allow abortions up to 24 weeks (6 months). These states are: Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York,... Read More »

Should a 14-year-old girl abort her baby?

AnswerThis is usually a personal choice, Talk to someone you trust and then make up your mind. Whatever you do, if you decide on abortion please go to a proper clinic and not a "back alley butcher!... Read More »

Would you abort your baby if you knew he/she would be a homosexual?

Hell no! A mother's love for her child would override any sexual preference her child would have.

Can bactrim forte can abort baby?

No, you can not use antibiotics for abortion. You should consult your doctor though if you need antibiotics or any other medication.