Why do geckos have a neck pouch?

Answer Geckos--members of the families Gekkonidae, Eublepharidae and Diplodactylidae--communicate with each other using visual, auditory and chemical signals. Extension or inflation of the neck pouch (or ... Read More »

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Can house geckos live with leopard geckos?

It is usually not a good idea to mix species of geckos because different species have different habitat needs and exhibit different behaviors. Additionally, housing two male geckos together can res... Read More »

How old do leopard geckos have to be before they have eggs?

Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are sexually mature and able to breed after one year of age. Females lay eggs in pairs. She will lay several pairs, up to 22 eggs total, during a single sea... Read More »

With plastic surgery, could I have a kangaroo-type pouch?

I'm sure you could. People get all sorts of weird shlt added to their bodies. I ran into a guy the other day that had ginormous horns implanted into his head. It was kind of cool. Plastic surgeons ... Read More »

Do leopard geckos have teeth?

Yes, leopard geckos have small teeth, which they use to peel off their skin when they shed it. They don't chew but swallow insects and small worms whole. As pets, these geckos are mostly bred in ca... Read More »