Why do gardeners find it useful to know French?

Answer The knowledge of the French language does not help a bit for gardening, unlike cooking, literature or movies, for which there exists a rich cultural tradition. Gardening is also a great French tra... Read More »

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How to Write an Essay in French Using Useful Phrases?

When first learning a language it's important to build your conversations and essays around core phrases that you can get from text books, the Internet or your teacher at school. When asked by your... Read More »

Experienced gardeners: What are the top 5 mistakes newbie gardeners make?

planting too much garden for their experience.... choosing plants that require more care than they can give...choosing plants without knowing the mature size it will be...thinking that , with ferti... Read More »

How do landscape gardeners find the electrical wires & irrigation pipes around bed areas before they dig?

They have some special device that tells them where the wires and things are Then they mark it with little flags. Usually you can call the city and they will come out and mark them. And yes you sho... Read More »

Does any one know of any useful websites for working with emotionally challenging preschoolers?

As a foster parent you have the right to get this information from your County Head Start & local school district. You have rights to have help with this child & the agency that placed him with you... Read More »