Why do fridges have lights in them but freezers dont!?

Answer Mine does. (I'm just about to use that same function to get another chilled lager.)

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Why do fridges have lights, but freezers don't?

My freezers (I have more than one fridge) do not have lights. I assume it's because when you turn on the light, the bulb changes temperature wildly, and again when you turn it off. That's got to ... Read More »

Where does the water in fridges and freezers come from?

honestly, you'd be surprised just how much moisture there is in the air. I assume you are talking about ice build-up on the freezer walls, not the cubes you drink. The ambient air contains enough... Read More »

I have a thing for fridges i find them sexy and they turn me on?

Well, I think that it is just returning the favor... and it's still turned on.Think about it.(P.S. This is one of the better questions that I have seen herre on Yahoo Answers.)

I have glasses and I hate them how do I improve my eyesight so I dont have to wear them anymore?

Most people only know about artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) for getting clarity. Nearsighted artificial corrections give us clarity but they make the image smaller on the retina.... Read More »