Why do foreigners buy U.S. government bonds?

Answer People living in other countries buy U.S. government bonds because these bonds are considered low-risk, reliable, long-term investments. Also, U.S. government bonds are easy to purchase, easy to se... Read More »

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Should foreigners be a part of government?

After the first punch was thrown, it was on! The time for "policy" changes is BEFORE the first punch...not afterward.

Definition of Government Bonds?

Government bonds are the debt obligations of a national government, or another government entity. In the United States, the term generally refers to U.S. government bonds, such as treasury bonds an... Read More »

Types of U.S. Government Bonds?

The federal government borrows a lot of money to fund programs and issues different types of debt or bonds to raise the money. U.S. government bonds are considered to be the safest investment secur... Read More »

How do u.s. government bonds work?

United States government bonds are one way that the government raises money. In exchange for a promise to pay the money back, with interest, the government receives money from individual investors,... Read More »