Do football players wear a cup?

Answer American Football players are not required to and do not choose to wear protective cups. This is because players find that cups are too bulky and uncomfortable, slowing down their movement on the f... Read More »

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Do football players wear jocks?

A jock strap is a common name for a male athletic supporter. It is highly recommended for contact sports such as football but is not always required by all leagues. As an alternative to the jock st... Read More »

Do college football players wear a cup?

The 2009-10 official NCAA Football Rulebook does not have any specific rules either requiring nor prohibiting the wearing of a protective cup during a game. This means that a player may choose to w... Read More »

Do football players wear cups or jockstraps?

It is common knowledge across locker rooms that football players wear jockstraps. The jockstrap provides protection and support of the male genitalia area. It consists of a pouch which is usually h... Read More »

Do professional football players wear cups?

Professional football players are encouraged to wear cups for safety protection. However, not all players wear cups. Some players opt not to wear a cup in order to enhance speed and agility.Source:... Read More »