Why do fluorescent materials glow under a black light?

Answer Fluorescent materials glow under a black light because they absorb photons of invisible, ultraviolet (high-energy) light from the lamp and, in turn, re-emit photons of clearly visible, bright (low-... Read More »

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How Do You Make Things Glow Under a Black Light?

MaterialsPick items that will brightly fluoresce, or glow, under a black light. Cotton clothing, white paper, Vaseline and laundry detergent will all show up under a black light. Some minerals glow... Read More »

I brought UV Glow Neon Face & Body Paint - 10ml SET of 6 - Fluorescent & Super Bright fluo do i need uv light?

the UV Glow Neon Face & Body Paint - 10ml SET of 6 will need a black light (UV) it usually used at raves and will just look like bright paint without it.the Fluorescent & Super Bright fluo... Read More »

Can You Grow Seedlings Under a Fluorescent Light?

Starting seedlings indoors is necessary in cooler climates to protect young seedlings. Using the correct light to grow healthy seedlings is a necessary element of this, and fluorescent lights are a... Read More »

Why do plants grow under fluorescent light?

Plants use light energy (present in the photons of blue and red light) to break apart carbon dioxide and combine it with nutrients in order to produce glucose. Any lighting will do as long as it is... Read More »