Why do flowers drop buds?

Answer Parent plants drop their buds in times of stress, usually due to environmental factors. In cut flowers, the cutting, storage and shipping process may be enough to trigger chemical changes that cau... Read More »

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Cake Decorating Ideas Using Drop Flowers?

Drop flowers are a fast and easy way to decorate your cake with just a few quick flicks of the wrist. These flowers are generally made with royal icing for its medium consistency and sharper defini... Read More »

Are beats ear buds better than Bose ear buds?

Yes Beats are so much better than Bose could ever be. Beats are crystal clear and don't get fuzzy even on full blast. Beats also have a no tangle cord.

Does anyone know the drop code for the million pound drop on 29th october?

you could try youtube or if you type in blinkx remote on google it might be on there

Irish flowers are charming. What’s your true opinion on Iris flowers?

Is charming as you said.Iris represents faith, wisdom, hope, promises in love.In Japan also known as Ayame, represents the good news!The name of Iris came from the Greek word for Rainbow.There are ... Read More »