Why do flowering plants have petals?

Answer to protect the male and female body

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What is the name for non-flowering plants?

Non-flowering plants are simply referred to as non-flowering plants. Plants such as conifers, ferns and mosses are considered to be non-flowering plants. These plants do not flower because they pro... Read More »

Non Flowering Plants for Kids?

Non-flowering plants are some of the simplest plants to grow and care for, which makes them ideal test subjects for a child's green thumb. Some kids may not find non-flowering plants as interesting... Read More »

What percent of plants are flowering?

Flowering plants are called angiosperms, and they make up 90 percent of the plant kingdom. Examples of common angiosperms include roses or Easter lilies. Angiosperms can also be fruits that hold se... Read More »

Flowering & Trailing Plants?

Flowering and trailing plants form striking accent pieces when grown in containers such as window boxes, hanging baskets and planters. The natural cascading habit of these plants immediately captur... Read More »