Why do fish like coral reefs?

Answer Fish, like any creature, are drawn to habitats that fulfill their basic needs to enhance survival and ensure continuation of their line. Coral reefs may not look like a comfortable habitat to us bu... Read More »

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Coral Reefs for Children?

Coral reefs hold a great diversity of life and are essential to the health of this planet's oceans. Because coral reefs are so important and because they are in great danger, a variety of online r... Read More »

How do reefs grow coral?

Coral reefs are important structures in the world's ecological system. Home to numerous species of fish and aquatic plants, reefs do not actually grow coral, but come from an accumulation of numero... Read More »

How to Protect Coral Reefs?

Protecting coral reefs is important to our food chain. As a coral reef is the home for our beloved fishes to reproduce, food supplies, and many more. If everyone do thier best to protect the coral ... Read More »

How are coral reefs beneficial to us?

Coral reefs are considered among the most spectacular sights on Earth, but they are threatened by many factors. Their importance is far greater than most people realize.Coral Converts Carbon Dioxid... Read More »