Why do fish have a lateral line?

Answer The lateral line is a system of sense organs on most fish and some amphibians that detects pressure changes and vibrations in the surrounding water. Fish use this sense to detect prey and avoid pre... Read More »

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How to Fish Using a Drop Line?

Want to fish but don't have a pole to fish with. Use a drop line!

How to Fish Without Line or Bait?

Fishing without a line or bait is often referred to as dopper fishing. This method is still employed in the Amazon and is by far one of the most effective ways of catching fish.(This method should ... Read More »

If i order battered sausage from a fish and chip shop, can i claim to have had fish and chips for dinner?

dont be sillyyou didnt have fishyou had sausagein future just say you ate from the chippy

How to Have Salt Fish in Saltwater Fish Tanks?

Saltwater fish are among the most beautiful in the world, and setting up your own saltwater aquarium is an excellent way to bring that beauty into your home. While it is true that saltwater aquariu... Read More »