How to Grow Long Fingernails?

Answer Long fingernails are a sign of beauty and vitality, but many women have trouble growing their fingernails out long. Genetics play a role in the type of fingernails you have, but there are always th... Read More »

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How to Grow Your Fingernails?

It can be hard to grow your nails to a longer, more desired length for some people, but this simple treatment can help you have longer, stronger and very beautiful, elegant nails.

How to grow my fingernails fast?

Biotin can be taken in special supplements to increase the growth of hair and nails and make the skin look great as well. Make sure you talk to your doctor about starting those, though. 100% PURE M... Read More »

How to Grow Your Fingernails Faster?

The average human fingernail grows a mere 1/10th of a millimeter per day. This growth rate can be frustratingly slow, and there are no proven secrets to dramatically speed up nail growth. Healthy f... Read More »

How to Grow Fingernails After Biting?

Biting your fingernails can prohibit you from obtaining strong, beautiful and healthy nails. Anxiety and boredom often trigger this action in adults and children. Kick this habit through self-disci... Read More »