Why do fat people say its medical when we all know its pies ?

Answer that made me laugh; ppahaI like pie

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Is it true people with medicaid get less medical help than people with HMO's or other private health insurance?

Sort of true. Fewer and fewer doctors are accepting welfare health insurance (Medicaid), or severely limiting the number of Medicaid patients they take. Because Medicaid pays so little, a doctor h... Read More »

Why do so many people come here looking for medical advice?

People come here for medical advice because conventional medicine is not meeting their needs. Many have had it with conventional medicine and its focus on ineffective pharmaceutical drugs that are ... Read More »

How many medical uninsured people are in the USA?

Number of Uninsured In United States 60% of the people insured are insured by their employer, 14% BY Medicaid, 13% By Medicaid/SCHIP, 9% Directly Purchased their Health Insurance, 4% Get Health Ins... Read More »

People who use the Internet for Medical issues.?

I do not know if you are just limiting this to Yahoo Answers, or broader question about Medical Web Sites?I am on here because I have Psoriasis, skin condition aged 16, Rheumatoid Arthritis aged 21... Read More »