Why do farmers use tools and machines?

Answer These tools and equipment allow the farmer to grow crops on a higher amount of acreage in a shorter amount of time that it would take to harvest the crops using animals. Equipment allows farmers to... Read More »

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Do shepherds make good farmers How will the tools be exchanged?

We probably would make good farmers. We know what it's like to protect, guide and nurture sheep, so we could apply those principles to land and crops. Your second question baffles me. I guess yo... Read More »

What do farmers do?

Depending on the type of farming that a person does, modern day farmers perform a wide variety of task and duties that are related to agricultural production. Some of those jobs include managing fa... Read More »

How do bats help farmers?

Bats are nocturnal mammals found throughout most of the world, according to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University. Bats benefit farmers in several ways, depending o... Read More »

Do farmers like aphids?

No, because aphids can ruin a field or lawn. They dine on food and garden crops. They secrete honeydew, which can turn into sooty mold on plant leaves. The honeydew attracts ants, and the mold is u... Read More »