Why do eye drops hurt my eyes?

Answer No one is lying to you. Chances are, they probably were trying to make you feel better. Not everyone is sensitive to eye drops. Different people are sensitive to different things. Obviously, you ar... Read More »

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Hi, Does inserting eye drops hurt?

oh,honestly,they don't hurt at all,i have had drops and ointment,it's just the thought of putting something into your eyes,it can be scary but theres nothing to it..just tell her to lie down and op... Read More »

How can i get rid of red eyes naturally w/o having to buy eye drops?

lol man i just eat food then thats when it kills your high but my eyes go from blood shot to just a tint of pink, soo yea eat food and wait 5-10 min.....................................… smoke w33d

How do you put eye drops in cats eyes?

I would assume the same way you apply eye ointment. I had to apply eye ointment to my two kittens twice daily for the first 2 weeks of having them. They came home from the shelter/pet store with re... Read More »

What is in the eye drops used to dilate your eyes in eye examinations?

There are various substances used.There are two main groups of dilating drops [not all drug company names listed]:Parasympathetic antagonists (parasympatholytics): act by paralyzing the iris sphinc... Read More »