Why do everytime i masturbate.... I skip my period!!?

Answer At 13, your period isn't even regular yet.

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What should you do if you start a new pack to skip your period and you still have a period a few days later?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.

How can I masturbate when im on my period?

Well, wash your hands lay on your back with a towel under you, and put a mirror a distance away from your vagina... And if you see blood make sure you have pads beside you. It will stop the bleedin... Read More »

Your boyfriend has came inside you everytime since your last period and your period for this month was one day Are you pregnant?

How to Skip a Period?

For many women, the monthly period is a nuisance. Coping with the mess, physical, emotional and psychological symptoms can be especially trying and can sometimes ruin important plans. Whether you w... Read More »