What do elephant trunks mean when they're up?

Answer When elephants have their nose up in the air, they are smelling and sensing for any possible danger. They can smell up to several miles away, helping them avoid danger. Their trunks have more than... Read More »

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Does trunks ever use his sword in Dragoball GT at all and if so when and against who?

How to Wear Posing Trunks?

Worn by bodybuilders and male figure models, posing trunks offer very little coverage so they can show off the wearer's body. They're high cut in the leg area, and posers ordinarily wear them very ... Read More »

Should I Wear a Speedo or Trunks?

Dietitians will sometimes advise patients to keep a food journal in order to lose weight. A hair care journal is similar in the fact that it is meant to keep track of the present to help in the fut... Read More »

How to Paint Tree Trunks White?

The bark of tree trunks are painted white to protect younger trees from sunburn and may deter insect boring infestation. The white paint can also make it easier to see if the bark of the tree is be... Read More »