Do baby elephants have tusks?

Answer Baby elephants first grow two front teeth in the place of tusks. These teeth fall out around one year of age, and ivory tusks begin to grow in their place. The tusks eventually begin to protrude fr... Read More »

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Why do elephants have ivory tusks?

Elephants are the largest land animals, with the African elephant being slightly larger than the Asian elephant. The ivory tusks of the elephant are necessary for its survival.DescriptionThe ivory ... Read More »

What Type of Home Do African Elephants Have?

African elephants are among the largest mammals on earth and are even bigger than their Asian counterparts. There are actually two species of African elephants: the African savanna elephant (Loxodo... Read More »

How to Wear Posing Trunks?

Worn by bodybuilders and male figure models, posing trunks offer very little coverage so they can show off the wearer's body. They're high cut in the leg area, and posers ordinarily wear them very ... Read More »

How to Paint Tree Trunks White?

The bark of tree trunks are painted white to protect younger trees from sunburn and may deter insect boring infestation. The white paint can also make it easier to see if the bark of the tree is be... Read More »